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Political Risk, Violence and Terrorism Insurance

We live and work in an increasingly global environment. Many of the opportunities in business are outside the UK, either by way of investments or trading opportunities.

Yet the world is also increasingly uncertain – just think of how much the world has changed in the last 10 years, and how many unexpected crises have arisen.

Political risk cover can help protect a business against these risks.

There are two types of risks that can be insured:

Protecting Overseas Assets

  • Against expropriation or confiscation by a foreign government
  • Against damage due to war, riot, strikes or civil unrest
  • Terrorism, Sabotage, Malicious damage
  • Invasion, Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Coup d’etat, Insurrection, Mutiny & War

Protecting against trading risks

  • Contract frustration due to government embargo, war, riots, etc
  • Currency transfer or inconvertibility risk
  • Payment default by foreign governments
  • Unfair calling of on demand bonds or other guarantees

Trade risks can be insured as part of a package covering commercial payment risks, or on a standalone basis, depending on the way your trade is being conducted. Payment instruments like letters of credit can help with the commercial risks, but leave your business exposed to political risks – and by the time they become apparent, it may be too late to get the cover you need.

We can help by discussing the way you trade, how that trade is funded, and what risks you face by doing so, and what is available to offset those risks.

Political Violence including Terrorism and War

We provide a range of Political Violence perils coverage on assets and infrastructure worldwide. Suitable for large global multi-national businesses down to small medium enterprises, we offer solutions for all range of organisations which may have exposure to political instability risks.

Political Violence cover includes losses resulting from:

  • Terrorism & Sabotage
  • Strikes
  • Riots
  • Civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Mutiny
  • Rebellion
  • Insurrection
  • Coup D’état
  • War
  • Civil War
  • Revolution

Products include:

  • Active Assailant/Lone shooter Coverage
  • Physical Damage on Construction Risk and Delay in Start Up
  • Third Party Liability to cover Third Party Property Damage & Bodily Injury
  • Physical Damage & subsequent Business Interruption/Loss of Rent/Loss of Profit/Contingent Business Interruption

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